We Support Many Popular Data Formats

Getting your data ready for filing is a breeze with BoomTax.
Support for Popular Payroll/HCM Providers
We support data imports from ADP, Sage, UltiPro, Insperity* and many, many more.
We Support QuickBooks Online
Import your data directly from the most popular accounting application(s).
Upload Your IRS Files Directly to Us
Simply drag and drop your IRS ACA files into BoomTax and be ready to file in 5 minutes or less!
* BoomTax is not endorsed by or affiliated with the vendors above.
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Recipient Copies Made Easy

In addition to e-filing your forms, the IRS/SSA also requires that you send copies of your forms to your recipients.
Print & Mail Service
We can print, fold, stuff, affix postage and mail all of your forms for you from a HIPAA compliant facility. This includes 2D barcode tracking to ensure every form is mailed properly and on time.
IRS Compliant E-Delivery
Did you know that you can't simply email your forms to your recipients? The IRS guidelines require that you have a process in place to gather consent prior to emailing forms. We completely handle this process for you!
Self Service
You can also elect to print your forms directly to PDF to distribute on your end.
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Hands Off E-filing

No IRS account, TCC, or coding skills required.
No Training Needed
Simply click 'E-file' on your filing and we will take care of the rest. You won't need an IRS/SSA account, pass complicated tests, or learn a new file format. We handle the e-file process from start to finish.
We Keep You in the Loop
We constantly check on the status of your filing and we will send you email updates as the IRS/SSA processes your forms.
Free Unlimited Corrections
Need to make some changes to your filing after you've filed?
No problem. We offer free unlimited corrections for all filings.
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100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to absolutely love using BoomTax.

If you're not satisfied with our product before you e-file or print your tax forms, we will give you a full refund. There's no risk to try BoomTax, so sign up today!