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What corrections can be made using Form W-2c?

Form W-2c allows you to correct various types of information, such as:

  • Incorrect tax year
  • Wrong employee names or Social Security Numbers
  • Inaccurate employee earnings or tax withholdings:
    • Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation
    • Social Security Wages, tips, & tax withheld
    • Federal Income Tax Withheld
    • Allocated Tips, Dependent Care Benefits
  • Incorrect state/local information (only if applicable)

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Commonly Asked Form W-2 Questions

What is the purpose of Federal Form W-2c?

Form W-2c is typically used to correct name, SSN, and/or wage information for an employee on previously reported form types:

  • W-2
  • W-2AS
  • W-2CM
  • W-2GU
  • W-2VI

When corrections are made, the employer is expected to distribute a Form W-2c to the employee with the correct information as well.

When should I submit Form W-2c?

Employers should try to fix any inaccuracies as quickly as possible. Generally, the employer will have 30 days to complete form W-2c with corrections. Taking longer than 30 days can leave the employer vulnerable to penalties.

How can I fix incorrect names or SSNs on Form W-2?

To correct an employee's name or SSN on a Form W-2, complete boxes "a" through "i" on Form W-2c and submit it to the SSA. Additionally, file Forms W-2c and W-3c with the SSA. There is no need to fill in the numbered boxes for wages and withholding information.

How do I correct the wrong year or EIN on Form W-2?

To correct an incorrect year or EIN on a Form W-2 that has already been submitted to the SSA, you will need to file two separate W-2c Forms. The first W-2c form should contain the original tax year or EIN, the amounts from the original Form W-2 in the "Previously reported" box, and zeros in the "Correct information" box. The second W-2c form should include the accurate tax year or EIN, zeros in the "Previously reported" box, and the amounts from the original Form W-2 in the "Correct information" box. The first W-2c form voids the original Form W-2, while the second W-2c form provides the corrected information.

How can I make changes to state or local information (Boxes 15-20)?

Image of Form W-2C State Boxes 2023

To correct state or local information on an original Form W-2, send Form W-2c to the appropriate state or local agency and provide copies to your employees. There is no need to send Copy A of Form W-2c to the SSA. Since there is no data-sharing program between federal and state/local agencies, corrections not specific to the state or local level are not shared.

What is the Penalty for Missing Form W-2 Deadline for 2024?

Failing to file Form W-2 by the deadline or meeting the deadline but providing incorrect recipient information can result in IRS penalties ranging from $60 to $630, depending on how late the form is submitted.

The IRS has increased these amounts for the 2024 filing year.

After the deadline but within 30 days

$60 per form

up to

$220,500 per year (smaller businesses)

$630,500 per year

After 31 days - August 1st

$120 per form

up to

$630,500 per year (smaller businesses)

$1,891,500 per year

After August 1st, or not at all

$310 per form

up to

$1,261,000 per year (smaller businesses)

$3,783,000 per year

Intentionally Not Filing

$630 per form

no maximum penalty

W-2 penalties may be subject to the following:

  • Furnishing incorrect information on a return
  • Failure to provide the required information
  • Late filing of returns
  • Paper filing when required to file electronically (E-file W-2 if you have 10 or more information returns)
  • Not sending in corrections
  • Select the correct form
  • Invalid TIN
  • Not sending employee copies promptly

Discover more about IRS penalties by visiting the penalties breakdown.

Can I submit a W-2 correction with BoomTax?

Yes, BoomTax allows you to file Form W-2 corrections using our cloud-based platform. BoomTax supports both Forms W-2c and W-3c, making it simple and efficient to correct your submissions. Additionally, BoomTax will mail the revised forms to your employees.

Import Your Form W-2C Data

You can import your data as Excel, XML, or use files from popular payroll providers like QuickBooks, UKG, ADP, and many more.

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E-File & Mail Employee Copies

Once your data is loaded, you can e-file and distribute employee copies in minutes.

There is no additional fee for filing prior-year W-2 tax forms with BoomTax; you can e-file at the same affordable rate as current-year forms.

Where should I send the corrected W2 form?

When submitting a paper filing, mail your forms to the following address:

Social Security Administration - Direct Operations Center
P.O. Box 3333
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18767-3333

Note: this is NOT the SSA recommended way to file W-2 Forms

E-filing vs. Paper Filing

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  • Immediate real-time IRS updates
  • File 1000s of forms easily at once
  • Validates 1000s of IRS rules
  • Can help with questions in real-time in the chat

Paper Filing

  • It can take weeks to hear a status update
  • Requires unique red ink form
  • Prone to human error
  • No expert to help with questions

Note: SSA recommends that payers utilize the e-file option over paper filing for faster processing and immediate updates.

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